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Access Control & Keyless Entry

Keyless and Digital Locks

Imagine this: what if you never have to carry keys again…..?

Perth Locksmith & Safe Company carry a variety of access control and keyless entry solutions, designed for domestic and commercial use. The options range from a mechanical keypad to a digital keypad with a code, or electronic systems with a swipe card or fob. Key override is also available if needed.

Access Control

If you have stayed at a hotel recently then you have used a lock system with “access control”. It allows the owner to restrict certain locks from staff and customers, whilst also giving the owner the option of changing the code themselves. This is especially handy in the event of lost or misused codes.

Most of these systems come with the ability to track usage. This audit trail will inform you of who has accessed certain areas and at what times.

Keyless Entry

The way in which you physically enter locked areas under access control are what we call “keyless entry”. This comes in a variety of methods:

  • Mechanical Digital Locks
  • Keyless Digital Locks
  • Wireless Digital Deadlocks
  • Swipe cards
  • Key Fob

Check out some keyless ideas

Brands we trust

  • Lockwood
  • Salto
  • Samsung
  • Westinghouse
  • Borg
  • Carbine
  • Yale

Smart locks are becoming increasingly available and we expect to seeing growing demand as prices continue to fall. These lock systems allow the owner access to open a door anywhere they can connect to the internet, via the use of an app on their smart phone or computer. You can also access air-conditioning, lights and appliances.