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Crime Hotspots: City of Stirling

Perth Locksmith & Safe Company have looked at the latest WA Police Crime Statistics for the City of Stirling, and unfortunately we’ve seen a rise in home break-ins across a number of suburbs.
Dianella, Nollamara, Scarborough and Balcatta have been hit hard. Criminals have broken in on average once every two days in each of these suburbs over the year from January to September. Balga residents have suffered one break-in on average every day this year.
More recently we’ve begun to witness steady increases in break-ins for North Beach, Hamersley and Mirrabooka since May this year.
Thieves are opportunistic creatures, and as the nights start to warm up, we often respond to break-ins that occurred via open windows or doors.
What should you do?
Lock your doors at night, every night. For those extra hot nights, PLSC can fit locks to your windows which allow airflow in but keep the burglars out. If your security screens have come loose and are not doing their job anymore, we can come out and fix them.
There’s nothing worse than feeling the shock and violation of being burgled. It’s scary, but you can minimise your chances of being targeted. Have a read of our 7 Point Security Check – the simple things are often all you need to do.
Perth Locksmith & Safe Company have over 15 years experience in Residential, Commercial and Emergency Locksmithing services. We can come to your premises 24/7, and happily cover every suburb from Rockingham to Yanchep.
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7 Point Home Security Checklist

Thieves go for easy targets.  To make your home as safe as a castle, take our 7 point security checklist:

1. Lock your homes. Even if you are just quickly popping out, lock all the doors AND windows. Thieves are opportunistic – all it takes is one window accidentally left open to invite them in. We can provide advice on the best types of locks, and can key all the windows to a single key. We recommend a solid core door with a deadlock – these are much harder to force.

2. Keep valuable items out of sight. Make sure your laptops, phones, wallets, and any expensive stereo or TV equipment is not easily seen from outside. Another tip: break up the packaging for any expensive new gear before putting it in the bin.

3. Don’t just hide your spare key! All too often these are found and used by burglars. We can install spare key locked boxes to an external wall, which you can access with a digital code.

4. Change locks immediately. If you have just moved house, or dad accidentally lost his spare key somewhere – it’s time to re-key. This is the only way to restrict and control access to your home.

5. What’s your neighbour’s name? If you don’t know who they are, it pays to introduce yourself. Crime doesn’t take a holiday! So when you do, a friendly neighbor can keep an eye out for you.

6. Store valuables in a safe. Jewellery and money are the most often stolen items in a break in. Installing a small safe at home is a cost effective way to prevent losing your irreplaceable items.

7. Beware of the dog! A barking dog is great security, and often enough to encourage a thief to move on. Even putting up a ‘beware of the dog sign’ can help.

Not All Lock Manufacturers Are Created Equal!

Our Recommended Suppliers

Below are our favourite lock and key manufacturers – and why we think they are the best – for your main residential and commercial security points.

For Deadlocks, Lockwood is Best

lockwood-deadlockLockwood’s deadlocks provide a great solution for french doors, sliding doors and hinged doors. They provide high security for commercial and residential applications.

Lockwood is an iconic Australian lock manufacturer. They come with a 12 month warranty.

For Keyless Entry, Use Borg Locks

borg-keyless-entry-5000Borg Locks have a wide range of keyless entry solutions. British engineering at its finest, their own manufacturing factory and they come with a 12 month warranty. Perth Locksmith & Safe Company recommend these locks because of their reliability and the fact that we are yet to have to use their warranty!

These locks are mechanically designed so no batteries or electricity is needed. They also have electronic solutions.

There are options for internal doors, external doors, gates and marine grade locks.


Best For Safes: Dominator Safes

dominator-safes-ds-fire-burglary-safesDominator Safes – these were an easy pick for our preferred safe manufacturers. They are Australian Owned, and provide the best quality safes made from high grade security materials.

They have safes for fire resistance, theft, home, commercial, deposit, infloor, drug and firearms – PLSC can install any of these for you. Dominator Safes also have a variety of locking options – by key, mechanical combination or electronic.

For Gate Locks: D&D Technologies

magna-latchAnother great lock manufacturer that is Australian owned & made. D&D Technologies produce high quality gate hardware and locks – this is crucial for protecting your loved ones.

Their famous magna latch (as pictured) is the world’s #1 child safety latch.  They also produce a variety of locks, hinges and gate hardware designed for outdoor applications.



For Window Locks, Use Carbine

16.3-Carbine-CBS-Mini-Push-Lock.jpgCarbine produce a solid clean line of window locks. Best of all they keep evolving and listening to customers and locksmiths to produce quality high end commercial and residential locks.

Their range of window locks include

  • sliding aluminium window locks
  • mini push locks for casement windows
  • multi bolt for casements, awnings and double-hung windows
  • patio bolts
  • sliding aluminium window clamps

Carbine’s range has the ability to be keyed on the standard window key or to your house key.

Let Perth Locksmith & Safe Company know what you’re after and we can do a free quote for you.

Know someone in the City of Melville?


Crime Hotspots: City of Melville


Our locksmiths like to track the WA Police Crime Statistics to see which suburbs are in need of extra security protection, and this month, we took a look at the City of Melville.

Of the 18 suburbs in Melville, 78% have seen a spike in home break-ins in December over November levels over the past six years.

Burglars have expensive taste – Bicton has been targeted in 5 of the past 6 years, and seen an average increase of 142% in burglaries over this period.

Winthrop was the second most targeted, with a jump in break ins of 128% over the past 6 Decembers. Other areas seeing home break ins spike were Brentwood (+86%), Leeming (+66%), Melville (62% ) and Mount Pleasant (60%).

If you know someone in this area please tag them and remind them to lock up! Make it tougher for crooks.

This Christmas PLSC is offering 20% off our expert locksmith services – if you’ve been putting off replacing that wonky, loose lock, now is the time to get it fixed.

Perth Locksmith & Safe Company have over 15 years experience in Residential, Commercial and Emergency Locksmithing services. We can come to your premises 24/7, and happily cover every suburb from Rockingham to Yanchep.

If you would like an obligation-free quote please give us a call today on 0400 140 380 or email .