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Furniture Keys & Key Cabinets

If you have commercial, school, library, gym or office furniture that needs locking – like filing cabinets or desk drawers, we can help!

If you have lost the key and need a replacement we can re-key the lock for you, along with spares. Just take a picture and email it through. We can then determine the type of lock it is, and happily provide a quote.

Perth Locksmith & Safe Company can cut keys to code for a variety of office furniture. We also can cut keys to some of the older mortice locks

  • storage cupboards
  • cabinet locks
  • desk drawer locks
  • lockers (eg gym, school, library)
  • mortice locks
  • wardrobe locks
  • pool table locks
  • juke box locks
  • antique cabinet locks
  • rim locks

Key Cabinets

If this is a familiar sight on your kitchen counter or desk drawer, why not make life easier on yourself and organize your sets in a key cabinet. A key cabinet allows you to store all your important and spare keys in a single secure location, protecting against theft.

The external lock on a key cabinet can be digital, combination or a single key.

Key cabinets can be fixed to the wall and are ideal for both the home and office. Commercially we often see these used in shops and hotels, storing unused keys.