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Thieves go for easy targets.  To make your home as safe as a castle, take our 7 point security checklist:

1. Lock your homes. Even if you are just quickly popping out, lock all the doors AND windows. Thieves are opportunistic – all it takes is one window accidentally left open to invite them in. We can provide advice on the best types of locks, and can key all the windows to a single key. We recommend a solid core door with a deadlock – these are much harder to force.

2. Keep valuable items out of sight. Make sure your laptops, phones, wallets, and any expensive stereo or TV equipment is not easily seen from outside. Another tip: break up the packaging for any expensive new gear before putting it in the bin.

3. Don’t just hide your spare key! All too often these are found and used by burglars. We can install spare key locked boxes to an external wall, which you can access with a digital code.

4. Change locks immediately. If you have just moved house, or dad accidentally lost his spare key somewhere – it’s time to re-key. This is the only way to restrict and control access to your home.

5. What’s your neighbour’s name? If you don’t know who they are, it pays to introduce yourself. Crime doesn’t take a holiday! So when you do, a friendly neighbor can keep an eye out for you.

6. Store valuables in a safe. Jewellery and money are the most often stolen items in a break in. Installing a small safe at home is a cost effective way to prevent losing your irreplaceable items.

7. Beware of the dog! A barking dog is great security, and often enough to encourage a thief to move on. Even putting up a ‘beware of the dog sign’ can help.