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Emergency After A Home Burglary

Emergency Steps To Take Immediately After A Home Burglary Home burglaries happen often in Perth with more than a 1000 burglaries every year. It can be a very shocking experience to get home  and find that it has been broken into. When this happens many homeowners question their safety and security. We will look at a basic list of emergency steps you should take after a home burglary. These steps are meant to help you

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Crime Hotspots: City of Stirling

Perth Locksmith & Safe Company have looked at the latest WA Police Crime Statistics for the City of Stirling, and unfortunately we’ve seen a rise in home break-ins across a number of suburbs. Dianella, Nollamara, Scarborough and Balcatta have been hit hard. Criminals have broken in on average once every two days in each of these suburbs over the year from January to September. Balga residents have suffered one break-in on average every day this

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Not All Lock Manufacturers Are Created Equal!

Our Recommended Suppliers Below are our favourite lock and key manufacturers – and why we think they are the best – for your main residential and commercial security points. For Deadlocks, Lockwood is Best Lockwood’s deadlocks provide a great solution for french doors, sliding doors and hinged doors. They provide high security for commercial and residential applications. Lockwood is an iconic Australian lock manufacturer. They come with a 12 month warranty. For Keyless Entry, Use

Know someone in the City of Melville?

KNOW SOMEONE IN THE CITY OF MELVILLE? Crime Hotspots: City of Melville Our locksmiths like to track the WA Police Crime Statistics to see which suburbs are in need of extra security protection, and this month, we took a look at the City of Melville. Of the 18 suburbs in Melville, 78% have seen a spike in home break-ins in December over November levels over the past six years. Burglars have expensive taste – Bicton

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Why is Summer the Peak Season for Burglaries?

Burglars are busier in summer The upcoming Summer and Christmas period is notorious for increased break-ins across Perth. We get distracted with planning holidays, going shopping and celebrating. In the rush of this period, home security is often forgotten.  Are you prepared to keep your home safe while you enjoy the sun? Our tips:  Don’t leave windows open “a little bit” on hot nights. Install security locks or screens which allow air to flow in,

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