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locked door keys


There’s no place like home, right? When you get locked out we know how frustrating it can be! Being locked out of your home happens so easily, it is one of the most common calls we get.

Our expert locksmiths are ready and available to handle any home lockout situation. We can rekey all your locks so that in the event of lost or stolen keys you have just one key that opens all your locks to your home. There isn’t a job we can’t do!

Perth Locksmith & Safe Company have 24/7 emergency after-hours service, so we can get you back into your home as fast as possible.

These days break-ins and identify theft are becoming increasingly common. We can install a safe and a secure letterbox lock to keep personal details locked away.

We also supply and fit new locks to all doors, windows, gates and meter boxes,  along with repairing existing locks.

Our residential locksmith services


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