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At Perth Locksmith & Safe Company we can supply and install a safe in your home or place of business to secure your valuables from theft and fire. We have a wide range of sizes to fit different spaces, and across a range of budgets. We can repair and service safes and lockboxes as well as install new ones.

We carry a range of safes that are both theft resistant and fire resistant. Our safes can be used for a range of purposes including use in residential and commercial properties.

Home Safes

At Perth Locksmith and Safe Company we can supply, install and repair safes for residential use. Many of our clients use their safes at home to store jewellery and other valuables. A major benefit of these safes is that they are fire retardant and theft resistant.

Commercial Safes

Our high quality commercial grade safes are perfect for protecting business assets and valuables. They are available in a range of different sizes and styles to suit your business needs.

Types of safes we install

  • In-floor
  • Bolt down
  • Gun safes
  • Standalone safes
  • Small home safes
  • Key cabinets

Locking Mechanisms

At Perth Locksmith and Safes we can install a variety of locking mechanisms, including;

  • Key Operated locks
  • Combination locks
  • Time locks
  • Electronic locks

Not sure what safe you need? Have a think about the following….

  1. What are you putting in the safe?
    This will affect if you need a fire rated container or just a secure one.
  2. What size do I want it to be?
  3. Do I need an insurance rating?
  4. Where do I want to install my safe?  
    For example – infloor, wall, garage.
  5. How many people do I want to be able to access it?
    This will help you decide if you want a key opening, mechanical combo lock, digital lock or time delay lock.
  6. How often will I be opening it?  
    This will help you decide where to locate it.
  7. Do I want a lockable compartment inside the safe?   
    If you are a commercial business owner, you may want to secure credit cards and excess cash away from other staff.
  8. Do I have security on the premises?
  9. Who do I want to service it?